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Hose Adaptor
In stock

Hose adaptor thread: 1/2″ & 3/8″ male to 3/8″ & 1/2″ female.
Cat: Accessories, Brand: IST Proline

200 ฿
Hose Holder Black

Double hose clip.
Cat: Accessories, Brand: IST Proline

60 ฿
Hose Protector
In stock

Large caliber base for easy installation.
Cat: Accessories, Brand: IST

70 ฿
HP Port swivel
In stock

Cat: Accessories, Brand: IST Proline

1,030 ฿
IST 2nd Stage Swivel

2nd stage swivel with universal ball joint
Cat: Accessories, Brand: IST Proline

1,330 ฿
Lanyard Clip
In stock

Cat: Accessories, Brand: Akona

570 ฿
Lead Weights small piece

Scuba dive lead belt weights
Cat: Accessories, Brand: Cove

260 ฿
Line Arrow
Available on backorder

Highly visible yellow line arrow.
Cat: Dolphin Tech, Brand: Dolphin Tech

40 ฿
Line Reel 45m and 80m

High quality nylon dive line on winding reel.
Cat: Accessories, Brand: IST Proline

2,110 ฿2,390 ฿
Low-cut Boot
In stock

A Low-cut neoprene boot optimised for use as rental gear
Cat: Neoprene, Brand: IST Proline

1,190 ฿
Mask Strap Silicone

Replacement mask strap.
Cat: Accessories, Brand: Cove

190 ฿
Meret Key Chain
In stock

Clip on your MERET PRO EMS utility carabiner key chain and go! This key chain is the perfect companion to clip and carry the multitude of keys you carry every day.
Cat: Accessories, Brand: Meret

200 ฿