Featured Products: Dolphin Tech’s side-mount systems

IST’s Dolphin Tech’s side-mount systems are available in two models, 21lbs or 42lbs Side Mount of lift.

The SMB is a complete buoyancy system, including a full harness, inflator and air cell. The system can support single or multiple tank configurations.

The harness itself is fully adjustable. It allows for maximum range of movement around the chest and includes a crotch strap for additional stability. The harness and air cell are made from a TPU coated armor-like 1680 denier nylon, and the bladder is finished with a special coating to resist cuts and abrasions. The bladder also includes a second exhaust valve on the right-hand side for easy buoyancy adjustments.

Dolphin Tech’s side mount systems give tech divers the durability and the flexibility they need when diving in tight spaces.