Featured Products: Our hot products of March 2013

The IST Dolphin Tech range is setting a new standard for single and double tank diving by creating a streamlined, uncluttered and rugged buoyancy control device. The harness system provides the diver with an almost infinitely adjustable fit, eliminating the uncomfortable movement often found in conventional “jacket” buoyancy compensators. This tailored fit means that all divers, small or large can enjoy a perfectly fitting diving system that supports unmatched stability and diving comfort. On top of that the system is easily convertible to allow the use of single or double tanks. This modular system will follow you through your diving career from your 1st open water recreational dive all the way to a 100m tri-mix technical cave dive. Whatever your style of diving, this system will easily met your needs.

Key Features IST Dolphin Tech Range:

  • Single or Double bladder wings
  • Available in either 30lb or 40lb for single tanks and 50lb or 65lb for double tanks capacity
  • Choice of Aluminum or Stainless Steel Back-plate
  • Choice of basic harness systems that provides a nearly indestructible, secure, continuous webbing system
  • Deluxe harness system providing padded shoulders and an easily adjustable webbing system
  • Single tank systems include dual, heavy duty tank belts
  • Double tank systems include dual tanks band set

All systems supplied with back plate storage pouch, carry handles and weight pockets.

Other Products this month:

Akona Rash Guard: Is your solution to UV protection. The 8oz, 4way flex nylon / spandex composite has a 50+ sunblock rating, that blocks 97% of the suns harmful rays. Available these colors: Black, Blue and Pink..
ikelite Canon Powershot S110: The Compact Digital housing is high quality, durable, built to last. Drop-in camera loading, See the o-ring seal, Wide angle and macro compatibility, 200ft (60m) depth rating
LW 100 Series: Lightweight high-pressure compressor for the full air supply on site. Ready for connection with cable and plug. Ideal for mobile use. The LW 100 ECO is made 100% of the prover elements of the successful LW 100 Series. The main components such as: motor, compressor block, filter system and filling device are fully integrated.

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