Featured Products: Our hot products of July 2013

Sherwood BCD Rental set:
Incorporating Silhouette BCD, Brut Regulator Set, Octopus and Compact Console. Top Choice of Dive Schools and Rental Shops Worldwide. The Silhouette being rugged, dependable, durable and affordable makes this the ideal entry level BC. This jacket-style BC is colour coded with accent piping, designating size for the rental department. The World famous Brut regulator has had a huge overhaul in recent years making it possibly the best value for money rental regulator on the market. Environmentally sealed and incredibly easy to service.

Features BCD:
• Single, large Velcro pocket.
• Front closure.
• Adjustable tank locator strap.
• Optional sternum strap.
• Adjustable cummerbund.
• AKONA BC Pro Kit and QuickClip ™ system ready

Features Regulator:
• Environmentally sealed balanced piston
• High capacity inlet filter
• 4 x LP and 2 x HP ports
• Large diaphragm and SS cam for effortless breathing

Other Products this month:

IST Seal Mask
IST Seal Mask:
With our advanced plastic and silicone integrated injection method, SEAL’s soft hypoallergenic silicone skirt is molded directly onto the frame. This means less parts are needed, making it a lighter and more comfortable mask. With this new technology, the internal volume of the mask has been significantly reduced and the lenses are brought as close to the eyes as possible for better vision. Comfortable for scuba diver and skin divers alike to achieve superb views underwater.
Meret PPE PROPack:
The all new PPE EMS PROPack™ is designed to easily carry and deploy infection control precaution supplies. Response ready, this pack provides easy access to gloves and other supplies on each call, without opening the main compartment. Compact and professional, this is simply the best PPE case available.
Cove Goggles
Cove Goggles:
A comfortable fit for any face with fully adjustable nose-piece and strap. available in multiple colors..