Featured Products: Our hot products of May 2013

L&W 100 Compressors: Lightweight, high-pressure breathing air compressor, the perfect solution for mobile use. The LW 100 range comes in three basic models, firstly two electric versions in three phase or single phase (complete with ready to go On/Off switch plug) then a petrol version perfectly designed for remote locations or boats or trucks without electrical power. The simple and rugged design of this range including a one piece block and cylinder insure lower running temperatures. This also provides a low risk of leaks due to seal failures. These features, along with the one piece suction / pressure valves allows the L&W 100 much longer operational periods between routine servicing, therefore saving money and providing more reliability. The economical versions, the L&W 100 ECO range, include all the same technology and proven elements of the successful L&W 100 Series. Using the same motor(s), compressor block and filtration system but with a aluminium frame and no carry handles these make the perfect truck mounted unit or dive shop back up compressor.

Specifications :
• Fully wired, ready to start with cable, plug and start/stop switch
• 1 Filling hose with filling valve and pressure gauge
• 200/232 bar version with DIN/Yoke connection, 300 bar version with DIN connection
• Stainless steel frame with carrying handles (non ECO versions)
• Fan belt guard and block cowling for improved cooling air flow
• 2 oil / water separators plus safety valve for each stage
• Inter-stage and final stage air coolers
• Pressure maintaining and non return valve for extended filter duration

Other Products this month:

 Catalina Cylinders
Catalina Cylinders: The highest quality, high strength aluminium alloy 6061-T6 cylinders. Every single tank is made, tested and inspected to U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) 3AL and Transport Canada (TC) 3AML requirements. All Catalina cylinders come with a 10-year manufacturing defect warranty. Catalina also offer a huge range of 207 bar (3000 psi) diving tanks including the well known S80 (11.1L litre / 80 cu.ft, main dive shop tank), S63 (9L litre / 63cu.ft, pool tank) to the S40 ( 5.8L litre / 40 cu.ft, ideal deco/side mount tank) and up to the C100 (13.2 litre / 100 cu.ft tank for extra long dives). Catalina also supplies a full range of aluminium medical oxygen cylinders, so no more need for heavy steel tanks!
Harrison Valve
Harrison Valve: New to the Thai market. Harrison valves exceed CGA V9 standards for cylinder valves and are available in both International and DIN outlets, the DIN versions come supplied with a free INT insert. These valves are O2 ready from the factory in sealed bags and are therefore ready for Nitrox use without any changes. The design of the valves has incorporated a number of key points including high flow characteristics to maximize regulator performance, slant back hand wheel to allow easy access and handling plus a positive hand wheel grip for easy identification of on/off direction. They are constructed using all Teflon washer and Teflon coated seats, cycle tested 500 times to exceed all real world applications and the entire production line is 100% leaked tested. All these points make them extremely reliable, simple to use and easy to service. Another huge plus point for these valves is the low cost of spare parts, this together with the reliability makes these valves probably the most cost effective valve on the market today. An absolute favourite with dive centres and private divers alike.
Soft Weights and beltSoft Weights and belt: These sealed lead shot bags are designed to be comfortable to wear and more versatile. Also, as the risk of the actual lead being in direct contact with the water is far lower than traditional lead, they are kinder to the environment. Being very versatile, they can be placed within weight pockets on a weight integrated BCD, in our Cove weight pocket belt system or placed in pockets around a BCD to allow more precise balancing in the water. Soft outer material allows the thousands of lead shot balls to conform to your equipment and / or probably more importantly, your body shape and therefore providing a extremely comfortable weighting system. If you have gotten bruises from hard weight resting on your hip bone or concerned about what raw lead does to the ocean then you will just love these weights!

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