Featured Products: Our hot products of Sept 2013

LW 450 E:

The LW 450 E is a very slow running compressor with very low maintenance intervals and maintenance costs. It can be used continuously and comes fully wired with star / delta connection. High reliability make this compressor the favorite of many users.

Electro motor (E-Motor / 400V / 3 Phase / 50 Hz)
Painted steel housing (RAL 6026)
Automatic condensate drain
Automatic stop at final pressure
Hour counter
Operating panel with start/stop and condensate test button, as well as emergency stop switch
4x Filling hose c/w filling valve
Motor protection switch
Safety switch
Pressure maintaining and non return valve
All pistons c/w steel piston rings
Low pressure oil pump and filter
Oil- / Water separators in stainless steel
Safety valves after each stage
3 concentric suction/pressure valves
Filling pressure of your choice (200 or 300 bar)
Connections to your choice
(DIN 200 bar or 300 bar, CGA 200 bar or 300 bar and INT)
Breathing air purification an accordance to EN 12021

Other Products this month:

L&W Filters:
Filter cartridges are available for various applications and various gases. The tables below give an overview of the filter cartridges available.

Order number new (order number old)Diameter Ø [mm]Length [mm]Compressor/Filter housingCapacity [m3] at
Breathing air in accordance with EN 12021
00064445200LW 100 E/E110832
48165LW 160 E/E1,170 E18054
48210LW 200 E, 225 E20060
62355LW 210 E/ES, LW 230 E/ES,
LW 260 E/ES, LW 280 E/ES,
LW 300 E, LW 450 E,
1.7 liter housing
62575LW 300 ES, LW 450 ES, LW
570 E/ES, LW 720 E,
2.3 litre housing
L&W HP Storage Banks:
Storage tanks are frequently used to provide extra filling capacity during peak periods. The storage cylinders can either be opened all at once in a single stage, or cascaded into the cylinders to be filled, usually in 3 stages. Ideally the storage pressure should be higher than the filling pressure, 300 bar storage systems are the most common. The storage systems can be used with most compressors and are best suited for automatic operation (e.g. ECC or auto start option). L&W has a full range of storage modules each of which can be combined with other modules for individual configuration.Specifications
Steel tanks 10 year hydro test, powder coated in accordance with EN 1089/3
Working pressure: 200, 300, 350 or 420 bar
Sturdy steel frame, powder coated in RAL 6026
Standard volume 50 litre
Connected according to customer’s specifications
Modular construction to accomodate future expansions

Synthetic Oil, Mineral Oil, Molecular Sieve, Activated Carbon.