Genesis Scuba

Genesis Scuba

One Stop Dive is sole distributor of Genesis Scuba products for Thailand.

Genesis Scuba was founded specifically to design and produce only the highest quality dive products. They believe that no diver should have to sacrifice quality, style, innovation or performance for affordability. That’s why Genesis products are the most competitively priced, highest performing scuba products in the industry today.

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A selection of Genesis products:

    Aurora Snorkel
    In stock

    This snorkel has an updated dry valve which has a streamline appearance. This valve reduces drag when swimming. Dry snorkel seals out water when submerged. Clear silicone flex tube and mouthpiece. Adjustable retainer clip.
    Cat: Snorkel, Brand: Genesis

    1,390 ฿
    Coronado Fin
    In stock

    Open heel design fin, for use with dive boots. Lightweight durable blade and optimized length-to-width for scuba application.

    Cat: Fins, Brand: Genesis

    2,530 ฿
    Soft Diving Weights

    Soft weighted bags in various sizes and colours.
    Cat: Accessories, Brand: Genesis

    320 ฿1,410 ฿
    Tri-View Mask
    In stock

    The panoramic view design provides remarkable underwater vision. All three lenses utilize tempered glass for better vision. Available in a variety of colors.
    Cat: Masks, Brand: Genesis

    2,160 ฿