A new brand to the diving and snorkelling world of Thailand. with a range of quality affordable products from Rash guards, wetsuits and mask & snorkels

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Mask Strap Cover
In stock

Fits over standard mask straps.
Cat: Accessories, Brand: Cove

156 ฿
Kids Jump Snorkelling Set

Basic kids PVC snorkelling set.
Cat: Kids, Brand: Cove

270 ฿
Splash Silicone Mask

A basic two window, tempered glass mask. One of our best sellers.
Cat: Masks, Brand: Cove

740 ฿
Splash PVC Snorkelling Set

Two lens mask with silicone strap and PVC snorkel with large bore flexible tube.
Cat: Snorkelling Sets, Brand: Cove

860 ฿
Focus Mask
In stock

Easy to clean single lens design. Black silicone skirt, tempered glass lens.
Cat: Masks, Brand: Cove

820 ฿
Life Jacket 210 Denier

Life jacket for boat passengers and swimming purposes.
Cat: Life Jackets, Brand: Cove

600 ฿980 ฿ 519 ฿980 ฿
Splash Silicone Snorkelling Set

Twin lens mask with silicone skirt and strap. Silicone snorkel with large clearance purge.
Cat: Snorkelling Sets, Brand: Cove

1,340 ฿
Adults Explorer Snorkelling Set

Basic snorkelling set made of PVC, available in 2 colours.
Cat: Snorkelling Set, Brand: Cove

340 ฿
Frameless Mask
In stock

Two lens frameless design mask with tempered glass lenses.
Cat: Masks, Brand: Cove

950 ฿