Meret Thailand, 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing life support and backpacking equipment, with innovative technology from multiple industries to provide the highest quality emergency medical response products on the market.

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OMNI Pro Oxygen Bag Set

The OMNI™ PRO internal main compartment can be completely customized for small and large items using the innovative SLIDER system. Overlapping panels secure internal contents and provide access to additional TSReady™ DEEP STUFF Pockets and STICKIT STRIPS.
Cat: Gear Bags, Brand: Meret

18,600 ฿
Meret PPE Pro Pack ICB

The all new PPE EMS PROPack™ is designed to easily carry and deploy infection control precaution supplies.
Cat: Gear Bags, Brand: Meret

1,670 ฿
Demand Valve with 6′ Hose
Available on backorder

The Oxygen “On Demand” Valve provides trained individuals with a safe and effective means of delivering 100% oxygen.
Cat: Safety & First Aid, Brand: Meret

23,940 ฿
GO2 PRO™ Oxygen Bag Basic Set

GO2™ PRO are constructed from waterproof, durable, wipe-clean tarpaulin and are designed specifically to easily clean.
Cat: Gear Bags, Brand: Meret

8,700 ฿
MD Oxygen Shoulder Bag Basic Set
Available on backorder

Due to the vertical nature of medical cylinders (i.e. lengthwise with valve on top), many patients prefer to carry the cylinder in the vertical position under their shoulder, allowing the cylinder to hang vertically down the length of their body.
Cat: Gear Bags, Brand: Meret

5,100 ฿
Meret First-In SidePack ICB
Available on backorder

The FIRST-IN™ PRO EMS Sidepack takes in what you need when you arrive on-scene.
Cat: Gear Bags, Brand: Meret

6,440 ฿
Meret Key Chain
In stock

Clip on your MERET PRO EMS utility carabiner key chain and go! This key chain is the perfect companion to clip and carry the multitude of keys you carry every day.
Cat: Accessories, Brand: Meret

200 ฿
Meret Tuff-Stuff Duffel-EMS
Available on backorder

The all new TUFF-STUFF™ duffel is the strongest stuff-it duffel… ANYWHERE. Over-constructed for superior strength, this bag is tough. It provides the first responder a durable option for transporting head immobilizer blocks, multiple cervical collars, spider traps, and much more. And it screams EMS professional. Simply the best duffel around.
Cat: Gear Bags, Brand: Meret

5,070 ฿
Oxygen Backpack Bag Basic Set
Available on backorder

This unique dual strapped backpack enables a patient to be quite active while still being mobile with their oxygen supply system. Using a standard regulator or a conserving device, the entire oxygen system is concealed within the confines of the bag.
Cat: Gear Bags, Brand: Meret

5,700 ฿
RECOVER PRO O2 Response Bag
Available on backorder

RECOVER™ PRO O2 Response Bag with MD Medical Oxygen Cylinder
Cat: Gear Bags, Brand: Meret

13,700 ฿