The Sherwood Scuba brand has expanded into a full line of dive equipment and products, each continuing the long tradition of utter simplicity and absolute reliability. these products include BCSs, Regulators and Dive Computers

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Rona Mask
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Progressively designed “˜frameless”™ mask with super soft silicone brings lens closer to face for enhanced field of vision and low volume.
Cat: Masks, Brand: Sherwood

1,380 ฿
SR2 Regulator
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The SR2 regulator continues the legacy the SR1 created. It packs advanced technology into a compact case, employing contemporary styling and utilising a multitude of cutting edge materials.
Cat: Regulators, Brand: Sherwood

25,510 ฿
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Brut Regulator
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14,790 ฿ 7,395 ฿
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Club Full Foot Fin

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1,440 ฿ 720 ฿
Zodiac Plus BCD
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New material resists water and dries faster than any BC ever offered. Easy to clean and store after a dive. Material adds a dimension of ruggedness and durability. Simple and effective integrated weight system.

Cat: BCDs, Brand: Sherwood

21,510 ฿