Single Tank Systems w/Basic Harness

Single Tank Systems w/Basic Harness

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Single tank tech diving system in 2 volume sizes, with basic harness and choice of steel or aluminium back plate.
Cat: Dolphin Tech, Brand: Dolphin Tech

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Product Description


These are complete single tank BCDs with hydro-dynamic doughnut style air cells. They have a narrow frontal profile to really improve streamlining in the water when in swimming position. The minimalistic harness also give more chest room for easier access to attachments and better manoeuvrability underwater. The maximum size of scuba cylinder that can be used is a single 15L (95cft) .

The differences between each model are these:

ISJT30H – Stainless steel plate (BP3), 30lbf-lift air cell (JT-30)
ISJT40H – Stainless steel plate (BP3), 40lbf-lift air cell (JT-40)


ISJT31H – Aluminium plate (ISBP4), 30lbf-lift air cell (ISJT-30)
ISJT41H – Aluminium plate (ISBP4), 40lbf-lift air cell (ISJT-40)

Components include:

• ISHB1: Basic harness & buckle set
• ISHB3: Crotch strap set
• ISHB4: Back plate & pouch
• ISHB4SCREW SET: Plate pad hardware
• ISHD30H: BCD handle
• ISJTWP7*2: Tech BCD weight pockets
• ISBP3: Stainless steel back plate OR ISBP4: Aluminium back plate
• ISJT30 / ISJT40: Single bladder air cell + IF – Tech standard tech BCD power inflator + LP-BC low pressure hoses
• ISTAD1: Single tank adaptor
• ISBP2*2: Tank belt

Additional Information

Additional Information


30lbs, 40lbs


Stainless, Aluminium

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