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Aluminum Finger Reel 15m & 30m

Aluminum Finger Reel, with orange line color for the purpose of being as a decompression stop reminder for divers.
Cat: Accessories, Brand: IST

1,750 ฿1,990 ฿
Ceramic Line Cutter

Ultra-sharp ceramic blades provides less effort slice and smooth run cutting functions
Cat: Knifes, Brand: IST

1,200 ฿
Aluminum Carabiner

High quality aluminium carbine hook.
Cat: Accessories, Brand: IST Proline

90 ฿120 ฿
Belt Buckle Plastic

Plastic weight belt buckle.
Cat: Accessories, Brand:IST Proline

210 ฿
Coil lanyard with split ring and bolt snap clip

Coated stainless steel wire coil lanyard with a quick release clip for convenient securing and release.

Cat:Accessories, Brand: IST Proline

930 ฿

Stainless webbing keeper with serrated teeth and a D-ring.
Cat: Accessories, Brand: IST Proline

320 ฿
Sea Snips
In stock

Diving scissors for cutting nets, ropes and more.
Cat: Accessories, Brand: IST Proline

280 ฿
Stainless Steel Clip 8.5cm.

Clip for attachment of various items.
Cat: Accessories, Brand: IST Proline

320 ฿
Stainless steel Double Ender

Double end clip hook.
Cat: Accessories, Brand: IST Proline

360 ฿
U/W Notebook 25pge 20x25cm

Underwater notebook with reusable and refillable paper.
Cat: Dolphin Tech, Brand: Dolphin Tech

840 ฿
Webbing Keeper
In stock

Webbing keeper with serrated teeth.
Cat: Accessories, Brand:IST Proline

168 ฿
52-67mm Step Up Ring
Out of stock

Easily convert 52mm threads to 67mm threads!
Cat: Cameras Lens, Brand: SeaLife

830 ฿