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An essential for any scuba diver whether diving at night or day, a good torch is a must. see below our underwater lights and torches.

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Sea Dragon Photo/Video 1500 Light Head

The Sea Dragon 1500 uses flat panel COB LED technology to closely mimic natural sunlight, bringing out amazing colors in underwater photos and videos. With a Color Rendering Index of 80 and a color temperature of 5700k, the Sea Dragon 1500 solves the issue of muted underwater photos and videos by giving divers the ability to add color-rich light down to 200 feet/60 meters with this “portable sunlight”.

Cat: Cameras, Brand: SeaLife

10,560 ฿
Gamma II Waterproof Flashlight

The new Gamma LED flash light now 60% brighter with 350 lumen.
Cat: Torches, Brand: Ikelite

4,340 ฿
Save 30%
Auto flash AF35 – Single

Save 25%

15,322 ฿ 10,725 ฿
DS160 Strobe Kit
Available on backorder

The DS160 combines power with wide angle coverage to give you the most bang for your buck.
Cat: Torches, Brand: Ikelite

DS161 Strobe Kit
Available on backorder

This kit provides everything you need to add a strobe to any Ikelite TTL system for Compact Digital, Mirrorless, or DSLR camera.
Cat: Torches, Brand: Ikelite

Flex arm for Vega light

Shown with Vega Video + Photo Light, sold separately.
Cat: Lights / Torchess, Brand: Ikelite

3,230 ฿
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Gamma LED Light
In stock

Save 35%

4,620 ฿ 2,310 ฿
Lumo LED Torch
In stock

IST all new 800 Lumens high performance mini torch made from high-grade aluminum alloy
Cat: Torches, Brand: IST

4,460 ฿
PC Lite 2 LED Torch

The ultimate choice for use above and below water. Rubber and ABS construction provides durability and 100% corrosion-free performance. proven technology of high quality LED technology.
Cat: Torches, Brand: Ikelite

2,690 ฿
PCa 2 LED Torch
In stock

Ikelite Stay-Brite LED technology outshines budget LED lights hour after hour. Special optics concentrate the super powerful white LEDs.
Cat: Torches, Brand: Ikelite 

2,690 ฿
PCa Halogen Torch

PCa Halogen Torch
Cat: Torches, Brand: Ikelite 

1,160 ฿
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PRO-V8 LED Video Light

Save 20%

4,945 ฿ 3,214 ฿
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