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PRO-V8 LED Video Light

While Stocks Last

Cat: light, Brand: Ikelite

9,890 ฿ 4,945 ฿
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Armor Tex Glove

Premium ArmorTex diving gloves.
While Stocks Last
Cat: Neoprene, Brand: Akona

3,420 ฿ 1,710 ฿
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Nemo PVC set (Red Bag)

Basic snorkelling set made of PVC, available in 2 colours.
Cat: Snorkelling Sets, Brand: Cove

710 ฿ 578 ฿
Short Sleeve Rash Guard

Essential gear for all outdoor activities. Protect yourself from harmful sun rays and minimise the chances of sun burn.
For all outdoor sports wear a rash guard.
While Stocks Last
Cat: Rash Guard Set, Brand: Akona

920 ฿ 736 ฿
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In stock

Syklops is a single-lens aluminium mask that gives the divers or snorkelers a great field of vision with its wide lens design.
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Cat: masks, Brand: IST Proline

2,780 ฿ 1,390 ฿
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Adult Rigid Snorkel

Double bend silicone snorkel with splashguard and large clearance purge.
Limited Time
Cat: Snorkel, Brand: IST Proline

450 ฿ 322 ฿
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Adults Explorer Snorkelling Set

Basic snorkelling set made of PVC, available in 2 colours.
Limited offer
Cat: Snorkelling Set, Brand: Cove

330 ฿ 272 ฿
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3mm Tropical Booties

Low 3mm scuba diving booties. Also suitable for beach walks.
While Stocks Last
Cat: Neoprene, Brand: IST Proline

1,190 ฿ 1,011 ฿