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Abaco Snorkel
In stock

Newly designed silicone mouthpiece curves inward to jaw reduce fatigue. Easy-clear purge. Large bore tube. Smooth bore flex tube. Mask strap retaining clip.
Cat: Snorkel, Brand: Akona

600 ฿
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Caicos Snorkel
In stock

Save 20%

500 ฿ 225 ฿
Edge Snorkel
In stock

Edge: Sherwood’s simplest and most affordable snorkel. This snorkel features the traditional open top and large bore.
Cat: Snorkel, Brand: Sherwood

1,010 ฿
Andros Snorkel
In stock

This snorkel has a semi-dry top on a large smooth bore tube and an easy clear purge valve with deep well reservoir.
Cat: Snorkel, Brand: Akona

970 ฿
Aurora Snorkel
In stock

This snorkel has an updated dry valve which has a streamline appearance. This valve reduces drag when swimming. Dry snorkel seals out water when submerged. Clear silicone flex tube and mouthpiece. Adjustable retainer clip.
Cat: Snorkel, Brand: Genesis

1,450 ฿
Bluetech Snorkel
In stock

Made with silicone mouthpiece & a purge valve for easy water clearance. Splash guard to channel incoming water away from air passage.
Cat: Snorkel, Brand: IST Proline

670 ฿

The Cai Semi-Dry Snorkel utilizes a newly created shield which acts like a force field against waves, wind, and splashing from entering the snorkel tube.
Cat: Snorkel, Brand: Sherwood

1,140 ฿
Freedom Snorkel
In stock

Snorkel with silitex mouthpiece – J valve Design. Large bore with splash guard.
Cat: Masks, Brand: Cove

230 ฿
Kids Rigid Snorkel

Junior snorkel with splash guard. Strong one piece tube with purge valve.
Cat: Snorkel, Brand: IST Proline

390 ฿
Marine Snorkel
In stock

Basic, but effective snorkel with flex tube. A good rental item.
Cat: Snorkel, Brand: Cove

220 ฿
Nemo PVC Snorkel
In stock

Cat: Snorkel, Brand: Cove

260 ฿
Simple silicone snorkel

The tube and mouthpiece of this basic but high quality snorkel are made entirely from top grade silicone.
Cat: Snorkel, Brand: IST Proline

650 ฿
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