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LW Compressors dive filling station

The heart of a diving operation is the filling station. One Stop Dive the sole supplier of Lenhardt & Wagner (L&W), a German engineering house, is one of the leading manufacturers for high-pressure compressors. supplied here in Thailand and South-East Asia.

L&W can provide you with the products to ensure safe, reliable re-filing filling of breathing air in accordance with international standards from small portable units to complete professional filling stations. Nitrox/Nitrox gas production and/or blending with L&W products rounds off our programme of products for diving.

L&W manufactures compressors for the applications ranging from Breathing Air, high-pressure gases such as Natural Gas (CNG), Argon, Helium or Nitrogen. For Industrial use in welding, laser cutting, and for general high pressure air applications. In addition L&W produces peripheral equipment like storage filtration and distribution such as filling panels for all high-pressure requirements.

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A selection of L&W Compressors products:

    LW 100 E1 ECO
    Available on backorder

    The LW 100 ECO compressors are lightweight, reliable and ideal for mobile use. They are made of 100% proven elements from our successful LW 100 series.
    Cat: Compressors, Brand: L&W

    LW 570 ES
    Available on backorder

    The sound insulated LW 570 ES is a very slow running compressor with very low maintenance intervals and maintenance costs. It is suitable for continuous operation and comes fully wired with star / delta connection. Cat: Compressors, Brand: L&W

    LW 720 E
    Available on backorder

    The industrial compressor LW 720 E is suitable for breathing air applications and for large capacities. Low speed ensures continuous operation for long service intervals and reduced maintenance costs.
    Cat: Compressors, Brand: L&W